The authentic experience of Italian Cuisine


The World of Campagna is a world where time has stopped.
We have been caretakers of procedures and recipes, handed down from generation to generation, for over 40 years.
We love doing things like they used to, in an old fashioned way, always respecting seasonality.
This means fresh and naturally matured products that offer an intense aroma and retain all nutritional properties.
Even today, we of Campagna continue to rely on our farmers to bring to your tables only the best that nature has to offer.

From the countryside to your table

Our values

100% Made in Italy

Mediterranean Diet

Organic Farming

Variety and Quality

Our products


Pasta Campagna is formed by the combination of the best durum wheat mixed with pure water.


Good as homemade and immediately ready to be used.


Great in soups, as a main course and as a side dish in salads.

Olive oil & Vinegar

True Mediterranean genuineness.

Pasta sauces

Our tomato based sauces give to every dish the classic taste of tradition.

Pesto sauces

Good as homemade and immediately ready to be used.


Appetizing and tasty to be served in every occasion.

Rice & Risottos

Delicious risottos, easy and quick to prepare, with top quality ingredients.

"Mediterranean Secrets."

Visit us at the Anuga Food Exhibition 2019

Visit us at the Anuga Food Exhibition 2019

The spread of the Italian food culture is our mission in life and we accomplished it when we created Campagna Mediterranean Classics and founded our Italian food export company which today the world recognizes as the ambassador and one of the leading providers of...

New opening Tomacado

New opening Tomacado

On April 9th Campagna, too, took part in the opening ceremony of Tomacado Flowers and Cooking inside the Huachu International Trade Store, in the heart of the China Trade Centre in the Chaoyang district. We were welcomed in an elegant and plain environment where the...

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