Dedicated Since 1979

About us

A story of passion
for Italian food and
love for our land

In 1979 the Pisani family decided to create a company which would bring the excellence and incomparable high quality of Italian food all over the world.

The culture of Italian food is our mission in life, and we accomplished it when we founded the Campagna brand and the Italian food export company which today the world recognizes as the ambassador and leading provider of authentic Italian products.

Since 1979

Authentic Italian experience worldwide

Our hard work is inspired by a constant dedication and passion and is the key to our success. For 40 years we have succeeded in interpreting the needs and demands of all our customers, people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Today we take pride in bringing to the tables of millions of people only the best of the Italian food tradition, the excellence and undisputed benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

Campagna, a Corex Brand

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