For the past forty years, we have been the leading exporters of the Culture of Healthy Food and Mediterranean Diet worldwide. The experience and expertise of our company are deeply rooted in the Italian territory, blessed with sunny weather, clean air and a unique historical and cultural heritage. With constant passion and dedication, we deliver authentic, genuine and premium quality products worldwide.

High quality food is essential to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We know it well and want to share our passion and tradition with all our customers. This year, too, we shall be at Gulfood 2019 as ambassadors of the traditional Italian food culture and as providers of all the main ingredients of the worldwide-renowned Mediterranean Diet: oil, vinegar, tomatoes, legumes and obviously different types of authentic Italian pasta.

While eating our products, you can picture yourself in Italy while sitting comfortably at home. We shall give you all ingredients so you can add your own creativity. Try different Italian recipes and enjoy the unique Italian taste!



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