On April 9th Campagna, too, took part in the opening ceremony of Tomacado Flowers and Cooking inside the Huachu International Trade Store, in the heart of the China Trade Centre in the Chaoyang district.

We were welcomed in an elegant and plain environment where the sensuality of the flowers and the plants dominated over the rational concrete. We discovered a place where people can get away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan jungle and can enjoy a few hours in the company of their dear ones while eating delicious food.
The Tomacado menu comprised perfumed dishes which were refined in their combinations and presentation and were specifically created to meet the need for health and well-being pf those who eat them.

During the launch of the new Tomacado, all the customers who were present that evening received a wonderful gift.

A 500 gr package of Spaghetti Campagna to bring home and enjoy the taste of the Italian food tradition.
Our Spaghetti Campagna are produced by selecting the best quality durum wheats and include a high percentage of proteins which favour digestion and cooking firmness.
They are ideally combined with our Campagna Peeled Tomatoes, picked up in the summer when the tomatoes and ripe and compact, rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

We love sharing the secrets of our table with you.
Campagna : Mediterranean Secrets



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