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Discover our 100% Italian tomatoes grown in the sunny Italian countryside.


Discover the most used seasonings in the Mediterranean diet.


We only select 100% natural legumes with no GMOs and rich in fibres and proteins


Our sauces are strictly prepared following the traditional Italian recipes

Organic line

Discover our new Organic line: recipes according to tradition, prepared with organic ingredients guaranteed by the European Bio brand.

Our products



Canned legumes

Olive oil & Vinegar

Pasta sauces

Pesto sauce


Rice and risottos

Canned Legumes

Our canned legumes are a great protein source. Ideal for tasty soups, broths, salads and paired with pasta. Highly digestible and used in many different recipes.


Our Green idea at Biofach 2019

Our Green idea at Biofach 2019

The Mediterranean diet is a healthy lifestyle, included by UNESCO in the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013, is characterized by a high consumption of seasonal vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, fish, eggs, togheter with a moderate intake...

Eating Italian at Gulfood 2019

Eating Italian at Gulfood 2019

For the past forty years, we have been the leading exporters of the Culture of Healthy Food and Mediterranean Diet worldwide. The experience and expertise of our company are deeply rooted in the Italian territory, blessed with sunny weather, clean air and a unique...

From Italy to Foodex Japan

From Italy to Foodex Japan

こんにちは,東京! Ciao, Tokyo! We’re so happy to be once again in the Land of the Rising Sun to promote the Italian food culture. From the sunny lands of Italy, we bring a vast array of natural, genuine and authentic Italian products for your delight. At Foodex 2019 in Japan,...

The World of Campagna is a world where time has stopped. We have been caretakers of procedures and recipes, handed down from generation to generation, for over 40 years.



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