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Pasta Campagna

Pasta Campagna is formed by the combination of the best durum wheat mixed with pure water.
100 grams of our product contain 13% of proteins which, besides giving it an excellent taste, make it a healthy food.
A high protein content guarantees a pasta always “al dente”, that does not overcook.

Classic Line Pasta
Long pasta
Short pasta
Soup pasta
Special pasta
Artisanal Pasta

Pasta Linea Benessere (Wellness Line Pasta):
– biological
– whole wheat
– gluten free


Standard shapes


Special shapes


Artisanal pasta

Strictly bronze extruded, high protein semolina, slow drying process at very low temperatures

Recipe of the Month

Spring Harmony

Ingredients for four people:
Spaghetti #7 Campagna
Green Pesto Campagna 180g
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cooking instructions:

Put 4 spoonfuls of EVO and garlic in a frying pan and start warming up
Add the cleaned shrimps and let cook for 5 minutes
Add a pinch of salt and pepper
Remove from the flame


Boil 2 litre f water
Add salt into the water and then the spaghetti
Let cook for 9 minutes
Stir several times


Drain the spaghetti and pour in a container
Add the Campagna pesto and mix

Put the spaghetti into the dish and decorate with the shrimps and pansies.



Campagna, a Corex Brand

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