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Rice and Risottos

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Campagna Rice and Risottos

Arborio rice
A variety of Italian rice with large and pearly grains.
Perfect for risottos

“The taste of always in only a few minutes”.
Delicious risottos, easy and quick to prepare, with top quality ingredients.

– Risotto with Asparagus
– Risotto with Porcini mushrooms
– 4 Cheeses Risotto
– Risotto with truffles



Our Risottos

Risotto with asparagus

Delicious, tasty and suitable for every season and every menu.
Combines two ingredients with a unique taste: the fragrance of our rice with the intense flavor of the asparagus.


Risotto with mushroom

A classic taste of Italian tradition that brings all the fragrances of the forest to the table.
Perfect mix between our creamed rice and typical perfumes of the land.


Risotto with cheeses

The racy and greedy taste of tastiest Italian cheeses.
A masterly union among sweet gorgonzola cheese, taleggio cheese, fontina and parmesan for a quick and easy to make risotto.


Risotto with truffles

Delicious. With an intense perfume, loved by soft palates.
The flavor and unique taste of the black truffle matches perfectly with the fragrance of our rice to obtain a traditional Italian specialty.

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